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Were you recently involved in an accident which has left you with a life-altering, severe injury? Accidents which are caused by another person can be extremely stressful, especially if it was a preventable incident. Fortunately, a Houston personal injury lawyer can provide you with representation to recover compensation and see that justice is served. At the Weber Law Firm, we believe that when a person behaves negligently and it leads to a serious accident, they should be held accountable.

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What Is Classified as a Catastrophic Injury?

Any injury which has left you with a permanent disability (physical or mental) or disfigurement is classified as a catastrophic injury. With this type of injury, you will no longer be able to have the same type of life as you once had, uphold the same type of job, and get less enjoyment out of life.

If you have suffered a life-changing accident, you can count on us to provide you with support throughout the entire process. With years of experience under our belt, you can rely on us to put our dedication and resourcefulness to your advantage.

The types of injuries which are considered to be catastrophic include:

Traumatic amputation
Traumatic brain injuries
Total or partial paralysis

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At our firm, we are dedicated to providing you with attentive, respectful, and compassionate legal care. Our Houston personal injury attorney works on acontingency fee basis in order to give you an opportunity for legal care. It is imperative that you have the highest quality representation on your side to handle your claim to recover compensation. We are very proud of our knowledge in the field of personal injury and our ability to take on your case.

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