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Any dog owner or property owner has the responsibility to train or restrain their dog to prevent accidents. When they fail to do so and it leads to a dog bite attack, you will need to reach out to a Houston personal injury lawyer to represent you.

You Don’t Pay Us Unless We Win!

Not only will you be dealing with physical pain and discomfort, but there are a number of expenses involved with this type of accident. You could be facing significant medical bills and expenses, depending on the severity of the bite.

We pursue compensation for any of the injuries which resulted from a dog bite, such as:

Severe bruising
Emotional distress

Can a Dog Owner Be Held Liable?

If a dog owner fails to restrain their dog and you are injured as a result, the dog owner can be held accountable for your injuries. A competent Houston personal injury attorney from our firm can pursue a lawsuit to ensure that you are compensated for your damages. You can count on our firm to represent you in an attentive and compassionate manner. We are here to ensure your rights are protected and that justice is served against the responsible party.

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We take the time to gather evidence in your case and come to an understanding of what you need from us. With years of experience, we have extensive resources and knowledge to use to your benefit. If you have any questions about your case, we can answer them in your initial evaluation.

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